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so what?
call: Peaterplum / yui
status: taken with park chanyeol
thoughts: never don’t mind about a thing.

Heyya,I’m the author of Guardian Angels, don’t call me author, just call me YUI. I’m a high school student. I love drawing and listening to the K-Pop music. Especially for snsd, exo, redvelvet, mamamoo.And about otp, I ship straight and yaoi couple. For Yaoi, i’m hunhan shipper, but now actually i like sekai, because they’re precious to me. For straight, i don’t have currently, but ….. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE BAEKYEON COUPLE.They’re confirmed couple and not photoshop couple. Yes, because there are many romantic moment behind the stage kkk … So, please wait for my next fanfiction. Thankyou:)