Author Funluobell


 byun baekhyun

Mauriel Jung

 february 15th, 2001

 Grade 8 at Anglo Junior High School

 dancing for life, singing also~


… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 

Hi, guys! I feel sooo thankyou bc y’all may to spent your time to read this not-important-notes  🙂

       Yes, her real name is Mauriel Jung. At her school, her friends always call her Mau, Jung, Maumau, saengie, or cici. Younger than her? Call her Mauriel, Jung, or Jiejie/cici (yeah i knuw dat i’m getting oldahhh) Korean name? She’s Jung Yoojung, just call her Yoojung-ssi lol 😆 Mauriel is the oldest yeoja and the tallest yeoja in her class. She has 1.68 m, and she’s the leader of the class. Mauriel is ketua osis wannabe, and she loves Starbucks Coffee very much ❤

       Learn Editing and Photoshop when she was 11 years old, or 2 years ago^^ but she’s still abal lol. She loves art, drawing, painting, mading and another in her real life fufufu~ Well, she’s not good at PS because she always busy and never had much times to learn–” But, yeah~ just look at her graphics at her Catalog or at her WordPress^v^

 This is the real Mauriel!  

looks like a bitch~

looks like a bitch?

 Fandoms and Biases? Okay, these are the list:   

1. EXO-L for life Baekhyun is my mantan idiot namja (now he’s my oppa), Sehun’s future wifey and i love KaiLu too~

2. newbie  BLACKJACK ❤ Chaerin’s twin, Bommie also. Huahaha 😆


4.  V.I.P — Dong Youngbae Kwon Jiyong 

YA! Look at my  Boyfriends~

Oh Sehun [오세훈Kim Jongin [김종인] ┊Byun Baekhyun [변백현]

10 in your eyes, but 12 in my heart. EXO!

Kim Seokjin [김석진]  Kim Taehyung  [김태형]Jeon Jeongguk [전정국]

Dong Youngbae [동영배]  Kwon Jiyong [권지용]

Wanna know me so far? Check :

wordpress | facebook | twitter | instagram

Snapchat/Line/Skype : maurieljung

Handphone number : 0812********

BBM pin : 7D******

kkkk~~ just ask if you want them;)

btw, i’m a part of ALL THE STORIES IS TAEYEON too~


2 comments on “Author Funluobell

  1. Hello! Kamu dari Anglo? Anglo di mana? Saya tinggal di cikarang dan di sini ada sekolah Ango, di Lembah Hijau, Lippo cikarang.
    Kamu tinggi sekalii hahaha..
    Eonni tunggu karyamu yaaa…

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